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Should You Release Your Podcast Episode On The Same Day

The short answer?  Yes.

If you want listeners to keep checking in with your show you need to set an appointment with them so they know when to expect your content.  That means you need to release your podcast on the same day every week.

Growing an audience is about building a relationship with listeners and if you want people to keep turning up for you, you need to be turning up for them.

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How do you build a relationship with people you’ve never met?

Your audience needs to know they can rely on you and that if they commit to you, you’ll be there when you say you’re going to be there.

By releasing your podcast on the same day every week listeners know what to expect and can build your show into their weekly routine.  They’ll also know you’re taking your show seriously and this can encourage them to stick with it as well.

Nothing says “this is more of a hobby than a commitment” than releasing episodes on a random schedule that suits you rather than your audience.

If you’ve already built a following of fans who are happy to consume your content whenever you create it, you can do this and probably still get people to listen.

But if you’re building a following from scratch you need people to feel like you’re committed to releasing content consistently so they know it’s a show worth dedicating their time to.

This commitment helps build trust and trust is what encourages people to come back and recommend your show to other people.

How to connect with your podcast audience


Building a podcast audience takes time

The thing that has the biggest impact on whether your podcast is a success or not is whether you’re delivering content consistently.

Podcast growth occurs incrementally and the best way to bring more people to your show is by releasing new content on a regular schedule (ideally weekly at a minimum).

By dropping episodes on the same day, over time you’ll start to see your podcast build as more people find out about it and your listeners know when they’re going to get new stuff in their ears.

I know consistency sounds boring when everyone wants to know how to get a million listeners in five seconds but podcasting doesn’t work like that and you need to put in the hard work to get the rewards.

How long does it take to put together a podcast episode?


Be realistic about what you can achieve

Since you need to deliver content consistently and on the same day each week, you need to factor this in when you’re planning your show.

Hitting a weekly deadline isn’t easy so think about whether you have the capacity to deliver an episode every week.

If not, think about putting the show on ice until you can commit to that schedule of delivery.

Or, look at whether you can delay your release date and use that time to batch record episodes so you’ve got plenty of content in the can and you’re not racing to create new episodes every week.

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Got some time on your hands? Read the full episode transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to the show. Today's episode is super super quick In fact though is really going to only just do one word to answer this question in the title. Should you release your show on the same day every week. The answer. Yes. I could roll the credits right there but I will give you a little bit more than that. It is so important that you set an appointment with your listeners. There are so many things competing for their attention and you want them to feel a connection and a relationship with you that makes them want to anticipate your content. The only way to do that is to let them know that you can be relied on that, if they enjoy your content and are supporting you by listening to your show then you are going to continue to turn up when you say you're going to turn up and give them fresh content. It really is a relationship that cuts both ways without an audience. You do not have a show and without you actually sitting down at the microphone then they miss out on content that they might enjoy. So it's important to understand how much of a privilege it is to have people who want to check in with your content. So you really do need to show them the respect by turning up. If people start to expect your content. And it's not arriving when they expect they will leave. They will assume the show's finished.

[00:01:25] Maybe you're not that interested in it anymore if they think that they get a podcast every now and then what's the point continuously checking in on that. If you are a podcast fan which I am sure that you are you will know that there is nothing better than knowing okay the show that I love comes out on a Tuesday and I know that when Tuesday rolls around it's going to be there. And the times that I have seen some of the shows that I like not turn up. It kind of knocks me a little bit and you don't want anybody in your audience to feel like theyre being taken for a ride which it kind of does feel like there is no way a television network wouldn't put the regular Wednesday night program on at the regular Wednesday night slot. And there is no difference in your show coming out via podcast. Yes you are responsible for the release Yes. There is nobody to answer to but you feel sometimes but there are people to answer to and that is the people who tune into your content expect it, like it. And if you really want to build a relationship then they have to feel respected by you and that means showing up. When you say you're going to show up if you consistently deliver content to them when they expect it you will slowly but surely build an audience and you'll build an audience that feels connected to you and feels like they can trust and rely on you because they know that you will always be there.

[00:02:50] So I hope that has motivated you to stick to the weekly plan or at least the regular plan podcast don't always have to be weekly but your audience just needs to know when the appointment is that they can sit with you when you get new content in their holes. Thanks so much for joining me. If you are enjoying these podcasts please head to iTunes and leave a review so that other people can find the show and you can head to podschoolpodcast.com to find extra resources that will help you with your podcast including a link to my podcast course PodSchool which will take you all the way from no idea to nailing it. Thanks so much for joining me. I'll see you next week. And until then happy podcasting.

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Discover all the tools and tech you need to get your podcast started. Plus get access to my weekly podcasting tips delivered straight to your inbox!