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How to be a great podcast guest

Tips for podcast guesting like a pro

So you’ve been pitching yourself out as a podcast guest on other shows and someone said yes!

How do you make sure you bring the best quality content possible so the host loves you and people listening want you to be a guest on their podcast as well?

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A great podcast guest listens to the show they’re appearing on

This is something you should do before you’ve pitched yourself because you want to suggest an idea that fits perfectly with the content of the show.

But once you’ve been accepted you want to listen to the show again, thinking about how you can bring the best possible value.

Listen to the host’s interview style and take note of the content previous guests have brought that you’ve found really valuable as a listener.

Also, take note of anything that didn’t work so you can avoid making those mistakes.

You want to go into the chat with a clear idea of what what the host responds well to, as well as a good understanding of how they work with guests so you can provide the greatest value for them and their audience. 

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A great podcast guest suggests content but doesn’t ask for interview questions¬†

If you’ve reached out to a podcast host, suggested a bunch of topics you can cover and they’ve accepted, it’s best not to go back and ask them for a detailed list of questions.

As a host, there’s nothing worse than a guest who’s been given a list of questions ahead of time because they’ll often prepare for those questions and then if you throw in something that wasn’t on the brief it can really throw them off.

Which is something you definitely don’t want.

You want every guest on your show to be comfortable and know where things are going.

But you also want to be able to have a conversation where questions come up based off what they’re saying in the moment because that’s often when you’ll get the best stuff.

It’s also nice to have the flexibility to adjust your questions right up until the minute of the interview in case a genius idea comes to mind.

And you don’t want to be updating your guest every time that happens.

Some podcast hosts might send you their questions as a matter of course but if they don’t, don’t demand them.

You’ve asked to be on their show and you’re trying to provide value for them.

So, once they’ve agreed to your pitch just say “let me know if there’s anything in the pitch you’d like me to focus on or if there’s anything else you’d like me to prepare that wasn’t included but that you think would be really valuable for your audience.”

That will give them a chance to share anything additional you might be able to bring but as a guest who’s pitched themselves to a show, you should be doing the hard work.

You want them to feel like having you on their show was really easy, super enjoyable, and incredibly valuable for their audience, so make sure you’re working in with them, not the other way around.

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Great podcast guests offer themselves up for a pre-interview

This is not only helpful for the host because it gives them a chance to refine their interview questions but it can be really helpful for podcast guests too.

Ideally, you don’t want to be meeting the host for the first time when you’re about to press record.

So, a pre-interview can give you a chance to build rapport which means you’ll be way more comfortable in the actual interview.

If they don’t feel they need one then that’s up to them but make yourself available in case that’s the way they like to work.

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Great podcast guests care about audio quality

If you’re already hosting your own podcast you should have a good podcast microphone but if you want to be a podcast guest it’s a good idea to buy a mic because you want your audio to sound as good as possible.

That also means you need to think about where you record.

Your recording space has a huge impact on audio quality so make sure you stay out of echoey rooms and away from hard surfaces like floorboards and tiles.

Also make sure, if you’re recording via a remote recording platform, you’ve shut down all other programs like email or Slack so nothing goes “PING!” in the middle of the interview.

And turn off everything in the space that could be making noise like an air conditioner or a buzzing hard drive.

A podcast host will be really grateful you’ve put thought into how you sound.

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A great podcast guest waits for the interview files to upload

If you’re recording via remote recording platform you’ll sometimes need to keep the session open until the audio uploads to make sure none of the files get lost.

If the host doesn’t mention sticking around when they say goodbye just ask if they’d like you to stay on the line until the file uploads.

Sometimes they might forget to ask and that will make you a very considerate and savvy podcast guest.

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A great podcast guest shares the show with their network

After the podcast is finished make sure you email the host or their producer and get them to send you any links or assets to share on social media once the episode goes live.

If they’ve agreed to have you on their show and expose you to their audience you want to make sure you return the favour by giving them some love on your social platforms.

You might not have an audience as strong as theirs but the last thing you want, as the host of a podcast, is someone who asks you to be on their show and then doesn’t share it with their audience.

If you’ve got a very particular aesthetic on your social media and their images don’t work for you, create some of your own and run them past the host to see if they’re ok with you sharing their show that way.

As long as you’re not changing their branding and the images look good they shouldn’t have a problem with you making slight adjustments so it fits better on your social media.

Also, make sure you ask them for all the links so you’re sending people to the right places.

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Great podcast guests return the favour

If the interview goes well and you think they’d have great content to offer your audience why not ask them to be a guest on your show?

By inviting them on your podcast that’s one less episode you need to think about and it shows you weren’t just there to piggyback off their audience but that you’d like to open them up to yours.

You should think of every guest appearance on another podcast as the start of a great relationship so stay in touch and even if they don’t want to come on your show make sure you let them know how grateful you were for the opportunity.

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