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How to submit your show to Google Podcasts

How to make sure Google Podcasts knows your show exists

Since Google decided to dip its toe into podcasting there hasn’t been a way to submit your show like you do with podcast apps like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Until now…

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How Google used to find your podcast

Instead of submitting your RSS feed to the Google Podcasts platform when you launched a show, you used to have to wait until Google crawled the web and found you.

This could be a long wait and the things you needed to do to help your show be found faster were a little too ‘codey’ for most people.

When the process with other apps was as simple as copying and pasting an RSS feed it made you feel like you didn’t have much control (which is never a good feeling during a podcast launch).

How to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify


How Google finds your podcast now

With the introduction of Google Podcast Manager, the process of submitting your show to Google Podcasts is similar to submitting to platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

You claim your show by copying and pasting the RSS feed and entering a verification code that’s sent to your email address (so they can be sure you’re not trying to claim someone else’s show).

This process submits your show to Google’s index but it also gives you access to stats and consumption data for people listening in the Google Podcasts app, on desktop and on Google Home.

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Why is this a good thing? 

For a start, when you’re launching your podcast you want to know you’ve done all you can to get your podcast into the places you want it to show up and waiting for Google to find your show when there was no (simple) way to let them know about it was often very frustrating.

I’ve had some shows take weeks to appear in the Google Podcasts app but with the Podcast Manager portal, it looks like it also speeds up the process of your show turning up in Google Podcasts.

James Cridland at PodNews conducted an experiment where he created a brand new show (to make sure Google hadn’t seen it before) and claimed the RSS feed in Google Podcasts Manager. He received a message saying: “submits your show to Google’s podcast index” and five days later it was in the app which is awesome.

Naturally, the time it takes for your show to turn up will vary so it’s still a good idea to give yourself a buffer of at least a couple of weeks between submitting your show to the directories and launching your first official episode.

The other reason the Google Podcast Manager portal is great is because of the access it gives you to additional podcast stats.

While your podcast host gives you an aggregate of your listening data across all platforms it’s a great idea to look at each platform to see how users are behaving when they listen to your show in different places.

Data is really important if you want to understand your audience and with stats like consumption data, you can see how long your audience is sticking around.  This can be useful when you’re trying to work out what content your listeners enjoy.

Just be aware that at the moment Google Podcasts registers a play as someone listening for five seconds which is much shorter than the IAB measurement of 60 seconds.  Your podcast host should be measuring downloads based on the IAB requirements so if it looks like Google is telling you you’ve got more listeners than your podcast host don’t go writing an angry letter because Google is probably over-reporting your numbers.

Even still, it’s great to have access to this data as well as a way to submit your podcast that’s as simple as copying and pasting your RSS feed.

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Discover all the tools and tech you need to get your podcast started. Plus get access to my weekly podcasting tips delivered straight to your inbox!