What are show notes and why do you need them?


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Isn’t it just more work?

Show notes are essentially a written post on your website that relates to the content you cover in your podcast.

When there’s already so much stuff you need to do to get your podcast out it’s easy to chuck them onto the ‘can’t be stuffed’ pile.

But here’s why you shouldn’t forget about them…

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Show notes encourage people to come to your website

Ideally you want the relationship with your audience to continue outside the time they’re listening to your show.

If people like an episode they might want to delve a little deeper into the content that you’ve covered and they’ll need a place to do that.  Or they might be curious to know more about you so it’s good to have somewhere they can do a little snooping.

Getting people to your website via your show notes page gives them the opportunity to poke around and get a greater sense of who you are and what you do.

This additional point of contact helps people feel connected to you as a presenter and that’s great for strengthening your relationship.

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Show notes are great for SEO

If you want your podcast to be found by new listeners it needs to be featured in search results.

Unfortunately, Google can’t search MP3 files (at least not yet) so you need all the important keywords you say in your podcast to be somewhere on the internet where Google can find them.  And that’s where your show notes come in.

Just remember that to be indexed by Google a post needs to have more than 300 words.  That means you can’t just drop your episode title, an embed of your show and run.  You need to put in a little effort.

An easy way to get around this is by transcribing your episode and placing the transcription on your show notes page or using it to fashion something that’s more easily readable, like a blog post.

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Show notes let you share other resources

At the end of your podcast episodes, it’s never a good idea to list off 700 things you want your audience to do because it’s best to keep things simple.

But if you direct them to your show notes page you can house everything you want them to see there.

Maybe you’ve got an online course you’d like them to enrol in or you want people to join your email list or purchase a product through one of your affiliate links.

If all of these things are detailed on your show notes page your audience can investigate on their own without feeling like you’re shoving it down their throats.

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Show notes increase your authority

The more content you have on your website the more legitimate you’ll look to search engines and cyber passers-by.

Seeing as you’re already creating content for your podcast episode’s anyway, show notes can be an easy way to add information to your site without needing to come up with fresh content from scratch.

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Show notes can be accessed on all devices

When sharing your episodes you want a link that’s going to work for everyone no matter what device they’re on.

You might not realise it but if you share an iTunes link it doesn’t work for people on Android and vice versa.  And we all know there’s nothing more frustrating than ending up in internet purgatory.

But a link to your show notes page works or everyone because it sends a user straight to your website, not a third party podcast app.

Just make sure you’ve got all the ways to subscribe listed on that page so people can go to the app that’s right for their phone e.g. Google Podcasts for Android, Apple podcasts for iPhone.

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Show notes are a great reference for your audience

If you’re referencing things you want your audience to check out or follow up on after the episode it’s best to detail those links on your show notes page.

That way listeners can relax and enjoy your content rather than having to listen intently with a notepad and pen.

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Show notes give you more opportunities to share content

Not only can your audience share your show notes (another reason to make them interesting) you can also highlight small parts of each episode and profile them using tools like Click To Tweet

This can encourage your audience to share small tips or quotes from your show on their social media which helps spread the word.

Basically, if you want to create a strong connection with your fans you need more points of contact than just their ears.

So, if you’ve got time (and you should make time) show notes are really worth the extra effort.

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  1. Amira says:

    Hello Rachel, its 1.am in my part of the world, found your blog and love it already.

    I am a Copywriter and now offering show note writing as a service.

    Thanks for informative content.

  2. Pat Fenner says:

    Rachel, we’ve been podcasting for a year using our description as shownotes. 😒I do want to start doing a better job of it (transcriptions and/or a blogpost)…but we’re up to 50 episodes!! I’m overwhelmed – how do i start? And should i do posts for all our previous shows?

    1. rcorbett says:

      Hey Pat. That’s a big job so I totally get why it would feel overwhelming. I think it’s something you need to weigh up and part of that will be how realistic it is for you to transcribe old episodes. You might be able to find someone on Fiverr or Upwork who could help you edit the transcripts cheaply or it might be worth transcribing your episodes moving forward. You might also be able to get the same benefit by just creating really detailed show notes that give all the information you share in your episodes without it needing to be a word for word transcript https://rachelcorbett.com.au/blog/should-you-transcribe-your-podcast-episode/

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Discover all the tools and tech you need to get your podcast started. Plus get access to my weekly podcasting tips delivered straight to your inbox!