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Because how your podcast looks is important

A snazzy podcast player isn’t going to make up for a crappy show but it does form part of your brand.

The way your podcast looks on your website can be an indication to some people of how professional it is.  So, it’s important to think about the design of your podcast player.

Luckily this isn’t something you have to put together yourself because your podcast host will have one but which one do you choose?

iTunes Google Podcasts Stitcher Spotify

Podcast host players

Libsyn and Blubrry

These podcast hosts have been around for a long time but they don’t seem to put a lot of effort into the design of their players so that’s worth considering if aesthetics are important to you.

While the sound and content of your show is the most important thing, people do judge a book by its cover, so the more professional your podcast can look the better.

Do you need a podcast host?



This is the platform we use at Mamamia where I’m the Head of Podcasts.

The design of their player is a HUGE step up from Libsyn and Blubrry so it’s a good option if it fits in with the design of your website.

As with most things, your choice of player will come down to personal preference.

The thing I find limiting about this player is it doesn’t play natively on social media.  So listeners have to click away from Facebook or Twitter to hear the audio and we all know that if people have to go through a number of steps they’ll probably lose interest.


This is the platform I use for my personal podcasts.   I love the design of their player because it fits perfectly with the design of my website.

It also has the added benefit of being able to be played natively inside Facebook and Twitter.

That means if you post a link to your episode on those platforms listeners can press play right there instead of clicking out to another site.

If they’re listening on Facebook the player will also keep playing even if they scroll through their news feed and look at other stuff.  Pretty cool.

When you’re looking for ways to make it easier for new listeners to try your show this is a great feature to have.

Independent podcast players

If you already have a podcast host and you’re not a fan of their player but you don’t want to switch to a different platform I’d suggest the Smart Podcast Player by Pat Flynn.

It’s designed to work with any podcast host and Pat is a long time podcaster who’s thought a lot about the player design.

Podcast players

A quick google search will no doubt turn up plenty of other player options so have a look around and find one that suits your design style.

Because while looks aren’t everything having a well-designed podcast player on your website can make your show look more polished and professional and that’s always a good thing.

What are show notes and why do you need them?


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Got some time on your hands? Read the full episode transcript

Hello and welcome to the show. Is there anything worse than an ugly podcast player? There are plenty around. And in fact, in some of the older podcast hosts like libsyn and blubrry they're a little nondescript and a little not fun but as the technology is getting better and better there are plenty of platforms that are creating really lovely players that look awesome on your website and you don't need to go and hire a designer to do this. There are some plug and play options that can make your podcast player really fit in to the style of your website.

If you already have a podcast host like Blubrry or Libsyn and you think that their players are damn ugly. Then I would suggest a podcast player called smart podcast player by Pat Flynn of smart passive income. He is a delightful guy. He knows a lot about online business and he has created a player that looks really nice that you can embed onto your website and it doesn't matter where you host your podcast you can just link it up with the podcast player and it looks really lovely. So, I'll leave links to all of these suggestions at podschoolpodcast.com. You can find the show notes page there.

If you haven’t got a podcast host yet, I would suggest either Omny or Whooshka. Both of these platforms have really great design when it comes to their player. I use Whooshka for this podcast and my other podcast “You Gotta Start Somewhere”. So, if you head to the show notes page you can see what my podcast player looks like on the website. And the great thing about Whooshka is that the way that the podcast plays natively in twitter and facebook is really great as well. So, those are some options if you think to yourself these players that I’ve been seeing are really ugly. If you’ve already got a podcast host and you don’t wanna shift it, then that’s fine. You can go with something like the smart podcast player or if you just google for podcast players. If that one doesn't tickle your fancy design wise there are others out there that you can find. Or alternatively if you're just starting out then go with the platform like Whooshka or Omny where they have thought about the design of the player that goes on your website and then that’s just one less thing you have to additionally buy because it comes with your hosting account. There is no reason to have an ugly podcast player on your website. It’s a small thing, I get it. And it’s not all about appearance but you just wanted to look nice and professional. If you poured a lot of effort in your website particularly, then It helps if your podcast player suits that style. That's all for this episode. Please head to iTunes if you are enjoying the shows. To leave a little review there and you can head to podschoolpodcast.com to send me an email if you would like it if you would like a question answered on this show. I am always happy to hear from you. I'll see you next week. And until then. Happy podcasting.

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Discover all the tools and tech you need to get your podcast started. Plus get access to my weekly podcasting tips delivered straight to your inbox!