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What are show notes and do you need them? | PodSchool Podcast

Are podcast show notes important or just one more thing to do?

There are a lot of reasons you should be adding show notes to your (potentially already long) list of things to do when you’re releasing your podcast episodes.

They can be a really beneficial resource for your audience but they can also be really useful for you too.

Why?  I’m glad you asked…

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Show notes encourage people to come to your website

Getting people from your podcast to your website is always a good thing and it can be a great way to build a stronger relationship with your audience.

If listeners like your show they’ll want to know more about you so if they end up on your site via your show notes page they’re more likely to poke around and see what else you do.

Giving your audience an additional point of contact outside the show can help them feel connected to you as a presenter.  It also helps them feel like you’re a real person and that’s great for strengthening your relationship.

Show notes are great for SEO

When you’re a podcaster, all the words you say get trapped in the MP3 file you send out into people ears and none of that is able to be indexed by search engines.

You might be dropping amazing pearls of wisdom that people are madly googling but without those words being present on a page of the internet, those searchers will never know you exist.

By creating a show notes page for each episode you increase the chances of new listeners finding you via search….and everyone loves new listeners.

Just remember that to be indexed by Google you need over 300 words on your page so you can’t just drop an episode title and run, you need to put in a little effort.

An easy way to get around this is by transcribing your episode and placing that transcription on your show notes page or using it to fashion something that’s more easily readable, like a blog post.

Should you transcribe your podcast episode?


Show notes let you share other resources

At the end of your podcast episodes, it’s never a good idea to list off 700 things you want your audience to do but if you direct people to your show notes page it’s a great central location where you can house all the things you’d like them to see.

Maybe you’ve got an online course you’d like them to enrol in or you want people to join your email list or purchase a product through one of your affiliate links.

If all these things are detailed on your show notes page your audience can investigate on their own without feeling like you’re shoving it down their throats.

Show notes increase your authority

The more content you have on your website the more legitimate you’ll look to search engines and cyber passers-by.

Seeing as you’re already creating content for your podcast episode’s anyway, show notes can be an easy way to add information to your site without needing to come up with fresh content from scratch.

Show notes can be accessed on all devices

If you share your episodes via your email list or on social media it’s often difficult to create a ‘one size fits all’ link because people listen to podcasts on different devices.

If you share the link to your iTunes page it won’t work for your Android users and vice versa.

It’s always good to remember that while it feels like Apple has taken over the tech world, not everyone has an iPhone so you want to make it as easy as possible for people to access your show no matter what device they prefer.

If you share your show notes page that’s a simple link that will work for everyone and when listeners visit that page you can detail how they can subscribe depending on how they listen to your show.

Show notes are a great reference for your audience

If you’re referencing things you want your audience to check out or follow up on after the episode it’s best to detail those links on your show notes page so listeners can find them without having to listen to your show with their pen poised.

Show notes give you more opportunities to share content

Not only can your audience share your show notes (another reason to make them valuable and interesting) you can also highlight small parts of each episode and encourage your listeners to share them as quotes via tools like Click To Tweet

The bottom line is if you want to create strong fans who feel connected to you there has to be more points of contact than just their ears.

Of course, it will depend on your content but if you’ve got the time, show notes really can be worth the extra effort.

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Got some time on your hands? Read the full episode transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to the show. Today I'm going to be talking about show notes. What are they? Do you need to be doing them? Is it something you need to bother with? Am I trying to add something else to your already long list of things to do? I know it's a punish...there's a lot of stuff to get through but show notes are an important thing to be doing for a number of reasons and it is not just for your audience. There are a lot of benefits for you as a podcast e r so if you've got a wee bit of extra time it's a really great idea.

[00:00:54] The first reason that it's great (and I'll start with your audience) is that if they like your show they're going to want to have somewhere to come to learn more about it. They'll also want to know what other episodes you have, your back story and a way to get in touch with you.

[00:01:15] So all of this stuff is really useful to have if you want to turn people who are listening into fans who feel connected to you and like they have a way to get in touch with you. Also, the more stuff you have on your website the more of an authority you appear to be and that's not just to your audience that's to the big search engine that we all love so much Google. The more stuff you have on there the more of an authority you seem. Having that hub where your audience can go to is a great resource and it also makes you look more professional. It can also be a great resource because nobody walks around listening to a podcast with a pad and pen furiously writing down notes. So if you are talking about a lot of different things your listeners can just enjoy your content knowing there's place to go to find all of the links to everything you've referred to. You can also use your show notes page as a place to provide more detail so maybe you want to flesh something out that you've touched on in your podcast.

[00:03:05] If you have an email list that can be a great thing to link to when you're sending an email out. It's often hard when you're sending people directly to a podcast subscriber page like iTunes or Stitcher because not everybody has an iPhone and not everybody has an Android so it's hard to send a link that encompasses everyone. So if you just send people to your show notes page and you have a player embedded in there and links to how they can subscribe, it's a great central location to send them to.

[00:04:03] The other thing that's great for you is that it's always good to get people to your website. Traffic is lovely and you might have some other things that you want to offer there. Maybe you've got a YouTube channel you want people to subscribe to or a book you're selling or resources you want to share. You could have affiliate links you could pop onto the page so you can get a cut from things your audience are buying.

[00:04:45] It's also great for that holy grail of all content which is SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. Those three wonderful words that most of us still don't understand and we're just desperately trying to get our heads around but essentially if you have a place where your content lives and you have a show notes page that has a good whack of information on it (you need over 300 words to be even picked up in Google) then when people search something in your niche you might turn up in that Google search. If your show notes page pops up in those search results then people can click on it, see you've got a podcast and subscribe that way. So it's great for discovery.

[00:06:10] ONe of the easiest ways to compile your show notes page is by transcribing your episode. You can go online to websites like Trint and Rev and if you go back in the feed or just head to my website you'll find another episode that is all about transcribing your episodes. And this is essentially where you upload the audio file and it automatically spits it right back out at you and it's cheap as chips. Be warned that this is usually better for solo shows or an interview show but if you've got two or three people hosting a show it can be a bit of a nightmare.

[00:07:27] I usually transcribe my shows and use that transcription to flesh out my notes page so I don't have to type everything from scratch.

[00:08:00] You can also use your show notes page as a place for people to get content to share out on their social media. You can use tools like click to tweet which allows you to take little quotes from your show notes page to your episode and then put them in a little tweet where people click on it and it immediately populates their Twitter feed so that they can tweet it out. So basically you're doing the hard work for them.

[00:08:23] If you want to create strong fans who feel connected to you there has to be a little bit of a give and take in there has to be more contact than just in your ears. People have to feel like you are in some way tangible because they're not going to sit down and meet you so they do need to feel like there are other ways to get in contact with you and the more stuff that exists online the more of an authority figure that you will appear to be.

[00:08:57] Show notes shouldn't be an afterthought to your show but in some cases they might not be worth it e.g. comedy shows, shows where there isn't a lot of additional information to provide to your audience.

[00:09:44] At the end of the day it has to suit your content. You also have to remember that all of these words you say on your show don't get picked up by search engines. So there's a whole heap of juicy information that can't be searched. So you really want to get the most out of those words down on the internets version of paper - your show notes page.

[00:10:35] Thanks so much for listening to this episode you can head to my show notes page at PodSchoolPodcast.com just type "show notes" into the search bar and this episode will pop right up. If you are enjoying the show as well I would love it if you would leave a rating or a review where ever you listen to podcasts. I'll see you next week and until then, happy podcasting.

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