How to promote your podcast before it’s live


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Podcast promotion

How do you get people excited about a show that doesn’t exist yet?

Getting your head around how to promote your podcast when there’s no podcast there to promote can be difficult.

But it can be done and here’s how…

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Record as far in advance as possible

This is usually only possible with shows that cover content that doesn’t date e.g. interview shows.  But the further ahead you can record the more audio you’ll have of your show before it goes live.

You can then use this audio to promote your podcast before it’s released.

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Different ways to promote your podcast

Create a “Coming Soon” episode

To create a feed in Apple Podcasts or any other directory you have to upload at least one audio file or episode.

By creating a “Coming Soon” episode (also called “Episode 0”) you can submit your show to directories without having to release a full episode and then you’ve got something to promote.

Your coming soon episode can be a produced piece of audio with a voiceover telling people what to expect.  Or it can feature some of the audio you’ve already recorded as a tease to what’s on the way…

Be as creative as you like with your introductory episode because this is your chance to get people interested in your show before it’s live.

Plus, if you can entice people to subscribe before you drop your first episode when you launch you’ll be more likely to feature in the podcast charts because you’ve already got people there downloading your show from day one.

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Share audio promos on social media

Again, if you’ve recorded episodes or bits of episodes ahead of time you can use these snippets to promote your podcast on social media.

If you’ve got some great highlights you can write a little voice over around them, jazz it up with a bit of music and voila you’ve created an audio promo for a show that doesn’t exist.

I do this with my interview podcast, You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere by uploading the audio to Soundcloud and then sharing it on twitter…

I also use an online tool called Wavve.co to create video cards for each of my interviews…

These really stand out in people’s feeds because they’re not just a static picture.

Whichever way you do it, don’t forget to include all your show info so people can find you and subscribe.

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Use all the hashtags

Uploading content with the appropriate hashtags can be a great way to promote your podcast because people can find you if they’re searching for content in your niche.

This means you can grow your followers organically before you drop your first episode.

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Create your ‘content universe’

When building your social pages for your show from scratch you don’t always need to share audio to promote your podcast.  Instead, you can start to build up a suite of content that relates to topics or themes you’ll be covering in your show.

This could be articles written by people you trust or whose opinion you like.  Or you could write some of your own blog posts and point people to where they can subscribe.

If you’re writing blog content this will also help people find you via search so make sure you’ve optimised your posts for SEO.

You can also share behind the scenes videos of you putting the show together, infographics, photos or any other content that relates to or supports what you’ll be covering in your podcast.

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Try not to launch with an empty social profile

If you’ve decided to start new social pages for your podcast try to populate them with as much content as possible before the show starts.

You don’t have to go crazy but you don’t want people turning up to a twitter account or Instagram page on the first day only to be greeted by one lone post.

It might feel ridiculous sharing content to no one but it’ll make you look more professional when people eventually do turn up (and don’t forget to beg your family and friends to follow you).

Before you go down this road consider whether you really need to start a brand new profile for your show or whether you can use your existing social media pages.

Sometimes your own brand and the show might not fit together but if they do you’re always better building a profile you’ve already got than starting one from scratch.

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Be creative…

The show feed and social pages for your podcast are yours to play with so think about different ways you can build buzz to get people excited about your show before it hits their ears.

There are a lot of people promoting their podcast in the same way so look at what others in your niche are doing and try to do things differently so you can stand out from the crowd.

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Discover all the tools and tech you need to get your podcast started. Plus get access to my weekly podcasting tips delivered straight to your inbox!