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What directories should you submit your podcast to? | PodSchool Podcast

Thanks to Abby for inspiring today’s episode with her question: “Where should I be making my podcasts available?”

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Podcast directories are the bridge between you and your audience

Directories like iTunes, Stitcher and Pocketcasts are where listeners will find your show and decide whether or not to stick it in their ears.  And since growing an audience is the name of the game you want to make sure your piece of creative audio brilliance is available to as many potential fans as possible.

Listen on iPhone Listen on Android Listen on Spotify

There are a bunch of podcast directories out there but at the very minimum you need to make sure your show is available on both iPhone and Android.  That means not just submitting it to iTunes.

Apps like Stitcher and Pocketcasts are both compatible with Android and no matter where you’re submitting your show the process is essentially the same.  You just copy and paste your RSS feed which you’ll usually find in the settings of your podcast host.

For more on submitting your RSS feed to iTunes check out this article…

How to submit your podcast to iTunes, Google Podcasts and Spotify


So apart from iTunes where else should you submit your show?

It’s really up to you but I would recommend…




GooglePlay (if you’re an Aussie podcast you can’t submit to this directory yet…boo!)

What about SoundCloud?

This is going to come down to personal preference but I actually don’t upload full episodes of my shows to Soundcloud.  Why?  Because it doesn’t bring in enough listens to justify adding one more thing to an already bursting to do list.

A lot of work goes into creating each episode of a show and I’m all about keeping it simple.  Taking the time to upload episodes to Soundcloud when it wasn’t bringing in that many additional ears seemed like a waste of time.  There was also the fact that it was an extra cost for premium membership that I didn’t really need.

The way I do use Soundcloud, however, is as a place to store promos for each episode of my show, You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere.

When I release an ep I also release a bunch of little snippets that I can share on social media and then I embed a player of those snippets into my show notes page, like this…

I find this works well for me but it really all comes down to personal preference.  If you want your show to be available on every podcast directory known to man, it’s a pretty simple process and you only need to submit it once so if you’re super keen then get CTRL V-ing!

There are some 3rd party apps that will automatically pick up your feed (like Overcast, which indexes your show from iTunes) so you can always search and see if your show is there and if not, submit it to any of the directories that don’t have it.

After all, every download counts!

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Got some time on your hands? Read the full episode transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to the show. Today's episode is inspired by Abby who sent me an e-mail asking "Where should I be making my podcast available?" She was referring of course to podcast directories which is where your listeners and audience find your show. So for example in the iTunes store or in Apple Podcasts or in Stitcher - those kind of places where people have access to all your episodes in one place and when you are starting out with your podcast and you want your show to appear in those directories it doesn't happen by magic. You have to submit your show to each of those places. The steps are pretty simple, in fact it's really only a case of copying and pasting your RSS feed. I've got an article on my website that details everything you need to do which I'll put at the show notes page that you can find at PodSchoolPodcast.com and just type "directories" into the search bar and it'll pop up for you. I'll also put links to all of the directories that I refer to in this episode today. So the main thing you need to worry about when it comes to where you're going to put your shows is that you have to make sure at the very least there is a way for people to listen if they have an iPhone or an Android. Sometimes people think you just submit to iTunes and that's you done. But then the poor Android users who often get forgotten in this world where we think Apple controls everything think "Hey I want to listen to this too!" So you need to make sure it's available because otherwise you're missing out on a huge portion of the listening market and nobody wants to do that when the goal is obviously to get more listeners to your show. So iTunes is the major one and to be honest at least for the foreseeable future that's probably where the majority of your listeners are going to come from. So it's really important you are in the iTunes library and again I've got a link to where you submit your show in the show notes page at PodSchoolPodcast.com. The second place I would suggest is somewhere like Stitcher and Pocketcasts both those apps are compatible with Android so Android users will be able to find your show. Some other places that you can submit a Google Play but if you are an Aussie podcast like I am cool your jets because we're not able to do it yet. If you're overseas you can but if you're an Aussie we need to wait our turn, just like everything else (somehow it's like we're living ) but hopefully eventually that'll kick over so that we can submit our shows as well. The other place it was suggested to me by someone at Libsyn was TuneIn so I've also submitted my show to TuneIn as well. But really around 80 percent of the downloads of all my shows come from iTunes and the apple podcast app so that's just something to be mindful of.

[00:02:47] Now there are a bunch of directories and you can just Google podcast directories and if you're feeling like you just want to be everywhere then you can submit your show to every single directory that has ever existed. In fact it's pretty easy. All you need to do is just copy and paste that RSS feed and then once that directory has your show and has the RSS feed it'll automatically update new episodes every time one comes live. So that's a really simple thing you can do. But honestly if you're across a few directories the jump that you're going to get in listeners is not going to be gigantic as long as you're on those main areas and you can be found on Android and iPhone. Then you're going to be sweet.

[00:03:24] The other place of course is SoundCloud. I've actually taken my personal podcast off SoundCloud. Also for the network that I am the Director of Podcasts for (Mamamia.com.au) we no longer have our shows on Soundcloud or we're not actively updating our shows on Soundcloud because it just wasn't pulling in enough listeners. So it sort of wasn't worth the effort of going to another place to upload audio and you also have to pay a premium subscription if you're going to go above a certain upload limit and I'm all about keeping it simple. That is another step in an already pretty labour intensive process.

[00:04:01] So for me it was something I could cross off the list without it making that much of an impact on downloads or listens. You can of course use SoundCloud as a podcasting platform but I would advise going with one of the main ones like Libsyn, Whooshkaa or Omny.

[00:04:15] Back in the day with my first podcast "Paul and Rach" I used to use SoundCloud a bit because I liked that you could embed the audio with an actual player. But now podcasting platforms like Whooshkaa have a really nice podcast players so you can embed that audio on your website without any drama at all so you don't really need that functionality and SoundCloud anymore because it's been embraced by the podcasting platforms so I don't really worry about Soundcloud. Again it's entirely up to you but I usually just use it for promos. On the show notes page for this episode I will embed a player for one of my episodes of You've Gotta Start Somewhere where I create little promo episodes that I can share out on social that give a little snippet of each interview so that it can kind of just whet people's whistle. That's what I usually use SoundCloud for but I don't upload my full episodes to that. Again it's entirely your choice what you do you could submit to every single directory known to man. You can use SoundCloud if you prefer, or you can just go with iTunes and Stitcher and then not worry about anything else because it's a relatively simple process of just copying and pasting the RSS feed. I guess though when you're starting out every single download counts so maybe you just want to make sure your show is available absolutely everywhere.

[00:05:43] I hope that's helped you think about where you want to submit your show and which directory you might like it to be found in. If you have a question you can always send me an email just head to PodSchoolPodcast.com and hit the contact page. There you'll also find all the details about my online podcasting course PodSchool.com.au and my tech guide that takes you through all the tools and tech you need to set up your home studio. I'll see you next week and until then, happy podcasting.

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