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How do you end your podcast episode? | PodSchool Podcast

It’s so hard to say goodbye…

How do you get out of your listeners earholes without ending your episode with “ummmm….ok……so…that’s it….BYE!”

The end of an episode is where you can ask your audience for something in return for all that sweet free content you’ve been dishing out.

That doesn’t mean you’re asking them for money (although you can do that if you want to by setting up a page on a website like Patreon … more on that later) it just means you’re helping your audience work out where to go if they like the content you’ve been dishing up…

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Ask them to subscribe or leave a review

Subscribers are important because when people subscribe to your show their podcast app automatically dishes up your latest episodes straight to their feed so they don’t need to go searching for it or set their alarm every week to remind themselves you’ve got a show coming out.

Reviews are great too because they show new listeners your podcast is worth listening to because a bunch of peeps were willing to vouch for it.

Both ratings and reviews also help you get love from iTunes who takes that kind of social proof into account when they’re looking to feature your show in places like New and Noteworthy.

Ask them to join your community

This could be a Facebook group, an email list or just a good ol’ fashioned twitter follow.  Essentially this is just anyway your audience can continue the conversation with you and potentially other fans of the show in between episodes.

This is a great way to build a little fan club of dedicated peeps who feel like they get more of you than just the minutes (or hours) they have you in their ears.

Ask them to visit your show notes page

Getting people back to your website is always a good thing, especially if there’s a bunch of other useful goodies they can find there.

Show notes pages are also a great resource for your audience to find all the things you spoke about in the episode in one place.

Ask people to share your show

Again, if they’re getting to the end of the episode there’s a good chance they enjoyed it and would be willing to tell a friend (or ten).  Word of mouth is one of the greatest ways to build your audience so make sure you encourage people who love your show to spread the word.

Point people back to your website

This is what I do because I’ve got a good search function on my website and I just tell listeners what word to type in to find the show notes page for each episode.

That way they can also scroll through and see some of the other episodes that might help them and see links to resources like my online podcasting course, PodSchool and my podcasting guide.

Pointing people to one place rather than a different link every show can make things simpler.

A landing page where people can download resources

This is great if there are resources you’ve created that could help people take the lessons you’ve spoken about in your podcast episode and put them into practice.

Examples include cheat sheets, editable PDFs where people can write in answers to questions, infographics or guides.  Anything that’s going to help your audience implement the stuff you’re talking about on the podcast.

Ask people to donate to your show

I mentioned above, Patreon is a service that a lot of shows use to get support from their audience.

If you want to do this on your show you need to give people a reason to pay a little extra.  Some shows will send out merch or give members an ad-free version of the show.  You can really be as creative as you like but when people are reaching into their pockets to say “I want to keep you on the air” it’s nice to give them something in return.

It should also be noted this is probably something you can’t start doing straight away.  Firstly, you need to build an audience of fans who love what you do then you can start to ask them to contribute.  If you start this from day one of your show before people have had a chance to get to know you it might seem a little….hmmmm, how do I put this?…Wanky.

So there you have it!  A bunch of different ways you can end your show!

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Got some time on your hands? Read the full episode transcript

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to the show. Today I want to talk about how to end your episodes how they get the f out of people's ears without just going "Ummmmmmm.....Okay. So I guess that's it. Bye."

[00:00:17] Ending your episodes can be awkward sometimes, so how do you do it smoothly and easily so your listeners aren't thinking "Where did they go?" And they're also not thinking "Oh my God could they just shut up and get out of here!" The end of an episode is where it is okay for you to ask something in return of the people who have come to hear you. In wanky online marketing speak people call this a "call to action" which is essentially just asking your audience to do something. If you've got a show that's not about education but about entertainment then it might be as simple as heading to your Facebook page to say hi, to "join the community," to share some funny memes, or to share some stories that might work well on the podcast. Essentially, it could be all about building your community.

[00:01:18] If you're talking about a bunch of different things and your audience would benefit from having a central location where they can find all the information that you've spoken about you could point to your show notes page. You could also ask people to subscribe to your show. If you don't know why people ask that it's because because if they're subscribers your show will automatically show up in their feed. So you don't have to keep reminding thems to go back to your page or your website or back to iTunes and find you because the shows will automatically download to their podcast app. That's really the holy grail when it comes to listeners because you want people to constantly be dished up your content without them having to go and snoop it out. Obviously while you're in the subscribe mode it's usually good to ask for a rating or a review because that will help your rankings in iTunes and make you look like a show that deserves to be featured and profiled because your audience are enjoying what you're doing.

[00:02:39] You can also ask people to share your show or you might have a really simple link that you've created via Pretty Link that you can just tell your audience about and they can share. So make sure you encourage the people that love your show to tell other people about it because you really want more people to find the content that you do.

[00:03:00] You could point your audience back to a website more generally like I do, I usually just point people back to the PodSchool Podcast website. I have a pretty good search function on my show notes pages so I usually detail what word people need to search for to find the show notes page of that episode rather than detailing a different website or U.R.L. every single time. On that web page you can find all of the links to my online podcasting course and my podcast guides. Everything's in one place rather than having to point someone to a bunch of different areas.

[00:03:33] It is really nice to mix things up at the end of your episode and not do the same outro every single time. If you are asking people to subscribe, review, go to your website and maybe check out your Facebook page and share the show it's really good to pepper those through different episodes rather than listing things off at the end of an episode.

[00:04:24] One other thing you could do if you're doing an education style show is to have a special link or a landing page where people can download something that supports the content of that episode. That can be really helpful for people who are learning something and want a bit of an extra step or a sheet that they can fill in so that the information that you've gone through in the episode they've got a place to actually write that down. Or maybe you've got a little guide or a template or an infographic or something that's going to help them take what you've been talking about and put it into practice.

[00:05:59] So there's a bunch of different ways that you can end so that you don't just have to say "bye bye." Sometimes doing that business sort of stuff can be a really nice way to wrap things up without feeling like you're not quite sure where things are going. It's also okay, because you're giving people content for free, to ask them for something in return.

[00:06:25] There is also a site called Patreon where people can contribute and donate to their favorite shows to keep them on air. So that's something you can ask for as well. Don't demand it. Nobody likes somebody that comes around shaking the hat and then when they say no shakes it a little bit more, so make sure you're conscious of that.

[00:07:10] Thanks so much for listening I hope that's helped you work out how to wrap a little bow on the end of your podcast episodes. You can find me at podschoolpodcast.com. As I mentioned before you can find the links to my online podcasting course as well as the guide that helps you set up all of the tech you need to get your home studio up and running. I'll see you next week and until then, happy podcasting.

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